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Where to find? Our guide through the “Holiday rides” section...

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General Information

Cumbrian Heavy Horses: Beach fun in Cumbria

Cumbrian Heavy Horses has a past history of riding through open countryside, over difficult and undulating terrain, of being slightly adventurous in our outlook! Whilst based on the Isle of Skye we developed some amazing rides into valleys which were not usually accessed by horse, giving our riders a true wilderness experience! Having left Skye in September 2006 we chose to ride all the way down here, (on “The Great Clydesdale Migration”) giving us, as people and as a business, a real insight into how such

journeys work, enabling us to introduce our first week long holiday ride within our first year of opening.

Last summer, 2008, we ran three week long rides which were well subscribed, and enabled us to gather some great feedback from the riders to improve upon what we are offering. We asked about having a half day off in the middle (which was scorned -“I want to ride!!”) and everyone wanted to learn enough about the daily horse care to assist with the preparation on a daily basis, so we now spend time on the first day and back this up throughout the ride, so our riders not only have a great experience but learn loads too!!

So this summer, 2017, the jewel in the crown is our “Cumbrian Classic Ride” the week-long tour around the Lake District National Park on our gorgeous horses. Obviously, as on the Rides page, our full day rides to beach and to fell are very popular, but this is the ultimate long distance ride for anyone wishing to experience the beauty of the area, the sheer pleasure of developing a relationship with one of our beautiful horses, combined with the exhilaration of riding at a gallop

Cumbrian Heavy Horses - Fell rides in the magnficent Lake District

along the beach before heading inland to experience the stunning scenery of the Lake District National Park.

What makes us different? This is not just a business with horses, it is a business based on our passion for the future of the heavy horses, the Clydesdale and Shire breeds, where we are promoting these horses not just as a safe weight bearing hack as they are so often perceived (Annie comment: GRRRR they most certainly are not) but as an active, valuable, competent horse to do virtually anything on! Come and see for yourself!

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“Cumbrian Classic” Ride Dates for 2017 (£ 1,850)

Our rides start with a Friday evening arrival. Many ask us why, it’s because we need to get along the beach at Eskmeals Firing Range at the weekend (Sunday) and when the tides are right. I do not fancy our chances of survival if they are firing that day, its a Ministry of Defence place!! These two factors determine our ride dates. The ride ends therefore on a Friday morning, a week later.

5th - 12th May 2017
30th June - 7th July 2017
4th - 11th August 2017

New in 2017: “Wild Weekends” (£ 400 - riding only)

Suitable for experienced riders only these are two full days riding over a weekend, great for friends, individuals wanting an adventure, groups etc.
Saturday: transported via our lorry to do a full day fell ride “somewhere in the area” where we can access the fells, rivers and bridle paths of the National Park - route dependant upon weather, riders etc. Sunday: a full day on the beach with paddling in the sea, a romp through the dunes and opportunity to enjoy the lovely beaches of the West Coast of Cumbria. Bring a packed lunch on both days. Saddle bags are provided for this and all equipment.

20th - 21th May 2017
17th - 18th June 2017
15th - 16th July 2017
29th - 30th July 2017 


General information on the 6-day ride (pdf)
Itinerary for the 6-day ride (pdf)
Booking form for the 6-day ride (pdf)

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Your required ability to do this ride, what the terrain will be like and age we cater for...

We need all our riders to be ride fit, capable of riding a forward going horse at all paces and in control in open spaces such as the beach and the fells. The terrain we go over varies - beaches, hills, roadwork, tracks, bridleways, rocky paths, boggy moors. So it can be technical, requiring balance, suppleness and control as well as faith in your horse!! We will take younger riders only if they meet the ability criteria and if accompanied by their parents or a guardian with assumed responsibility. NB We can take unaccompanied children on a daily ride basis, see day ride option as below.

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We charge £ 1,850 for this amazing, one off experience, there is no where else in the whole world able to offer this ride on such amazing horses. It includes absolutely everything except your drinks. We do put wine on the table where appropriate, but generally you will need nothing! You can relax, enjoy, completely immerse yourself in this wonderful experience, from arrival on the first Friday until the morning of departure you will be well looked after!

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Day riders

We do, according to demand, occasionally have spaces on the rides on a daily basis, so if this appeals please, do ask. This can be an attractive option if your young riders are under 18 but very capable. They are in essence joining the ride but their parents/guardians take overnight responsibility. The price for this is £ 1,200. Please note: no accommodation or meals are included in this price.

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Non Riders Joining the ride

Non riding partners are welcome to be involved, we can attempt to book additional accommodation for non riders for a fee but cannot take responsibility for them on a daily basis, as support staff on the ride are often returning to base. If the non riding partner is a walker or has transport then we have no issue with the non rider being part of the experience, although we do not encourage walkers around the horses from a safety aspect. The area is rich in activities and attractions so there is plenty to do to occupy oneself! Checkout a variety of websites.

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What to expect?

We aim to give you an amazing holiday on the right horse for your ability on a variety of terrain led by an experienced rider leader. We cannot control the weather we can only plan for it!

We ask that you treat our horses with respect, love and firmness.

Treat our tack as if it were your own!

Report anything you are not happy about.

Respect us as ride leaders yet feel free to question anything you are unsure about...we always have a reason!

Tell us if there is anything we can improve upon.

Have a fantastic time!

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 (c) 2004-2015 Cumbrian Heavy Horses

Call +44 1229 777764 or mail annie@cumbrianheavyhorses.com - open all year 7 days a week!


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