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Our riding options

Join us for a horse riding or trail riding experience of a lifetime. All our riding is on our magnificent Clydesdale, Shire or Ardennes horses with an element of tuition incorporated in every ride; we hope you find our instruction a valuable part of your time here with us!

For more details, see...

Farm rides
Beach rides
Fell rides
Short breaks
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Farm rides


This ride is run in several ways, either as a beginner/novice experience, a mixed abiltity group, or as a fast ride for experienced riders. The ride is through local farmland comprising of fields, tracks and stream crossings, all with the fantastic Whicham valley views. We ask on booking to ensure you do get the type of ride you want!

All our rides are accompanied by a trained member(s) of staff. We always go to great lengths to make sure a rider is suitably matched to their horse.



 90 minutes ride p/p

75 £

120 minutes ride p/p

85 £




Or for the more experienced rider why not try...

Rides to the beach!


This ride is suitable for more experienced riders/groups who are able to walk, trot and canter in full control of their horse!. The ride takes you from our Chappells Farm Base, along the Whicham Valley, and on to the nearby Irish Sea Coastline which offers miles of sand and sea for you to enjoy: an amazing riding experience!

Riders need to be comfortable with canter and controlling a horse in open spaces. We plan this ride around the daily tides so please ring in advance. We suggest bringing good clothing, packed lunch and light refreshments.



3.5 to 4.5 hrs.

160 £




Or for that special riding adventure:

Half day and full day fell rides (an example)


A half or full day ride, suitable for more experienced riders/groups who are able to walk, trot and canter. Taking in local Lakeland trails it offers a fantastic chance to see all the local scenery and views which, from the top of White or Black Combe, can include the Blackpool Tower, the Isle of Man and Wales!!

These rides are pre-planned so we ask you give warning of your desired booking date. Again we suggest bringing good clothing, packed lunch and light refreshments.



3 to 4 hrs.

 145 £




Short breaks - taylor made...

We also offer a variety of options for remaining with our human team and the horses for short periods of time from a couple of days over the weekend to several days break.

This information is not specific for good reason, as each of our clients come to us with a very diverse range of abilities, and a diverse range of requirements within that range. Some have non riding partners, some want Hands-On Experience Day(s), some a mornings ride then they can go exploring the local scenery and attractions, others full days riding over hill and along beaches!!

What we have done is made each weekend or short break client led. This means you tell us what you want, then we can tell you how much it will cost.

I can tailor the break to suit, so if you ride for 1 1/2 hours, then that's what we will charge you for. If you ride all day, you will get charged for a full day ride etc. You would not get charged the same rate as you have had different experiences. We hope that this means you will have a superb, top quality experience here with us, to suit you personally, at the best price we can manage!

As with accommodation, some folk want a hostel and to spend all the money on the riding, some a pleasant B&B some a noisy real ale pub atmosphere, so we try and point you in the right direction to ensure you individually get the best expeience for your wishes. Prices are fairly similar, at around £35pp per night plus food for places in and around Broughton. I hope this helps you cost your weekend, then call me to arrange. (I will book accommodation for you if you wish but naturally will charge you for doing so.)


General holiday ride information, course, pricing (pdf)
Booking form for a week long holiday ride (pdf)
Booking terms and conditions (pdf)
Booking form for a short break ride (pdf)

For your information: prior to ride please consider...



In general many of our riders have their own equipment, but for those who come unaware that they might like to ride we supply a selection of hats (all to current safety standards) and footwear, as we need clients in shoes or boots with a distinct heel, this prevents their foot from sliding down into the stirrup and potentially getting stuck. So if you don't have anything suitable, panic not, maybe an extra pair of socks would be a good idea, but we should be able to get you on that enormous horse properly attired! We also have some half chaps to borrow for faster rides.

Ahh... the weather!!

We expect anyone who books to ride. So, therefore we supply some clothing for those who come unprepared, some waterproofs, we also sell them in the gallery. A force nine gale would be the exception. Even we are not THAT tough!!!!

What not to wear and weight

Shorts, sandals, jewellery which could get caught, ponytails, so we cannot get your hat on!! Weight limit We DO have a weight limit. This is a sliding scale according to weight / height / experience level. Please call me to discuss this if you feel any member of your party might be slightly heavier..we're not monsters, just wanting the best for both horse and rider!! We introduced a weight limit firstly for our horses as many folk think of them as weight carriers. Yes, they are big strong horses, but they still only have one back. I have heard a horse of ours groan with a heavy rider, back in the days when we would take really heavy folk (we've had requests for up to 24 stone...); secondly I have watched some very lovely people, who were unfortuately overweight, riding but not able to do well as riding is a sport. Their excess weight makes it very difficult for them to sit well, and they were uncomfortable...Carrying too much excess weight can mean the person concerned is unfit and as we dont want anyone hurt whilst riding with us we introduced the sliding scale. I very much hope that this does not offend anyone, it's the application of commonsense coupled with a true love of our horses...they do this same job day after day, and we want them to continue doing that, happily.

Gift vouchers

Due to the nature of our riding, where rides, riders and horses are carefully matched together (as it would be fundamentally dangerous to put eg a novice on an experienced ride) it is essential that the voucher is used solely for the rider(s) for which it/they were purchased which is after discussion with the gift presenter re the experience level of the future rider, therefore these vouchers are non transferrable. In cases where a rider wishes to change said voucher eg a 1 1/2 hr ride up to a 2 hr ride he/she has to pay the difference at the current rate.

Occasionally and at our discretion we may be able to lengthen the time the voucher is valid for. We want our vouchers used, safely! Thank you for your understanding!

Prices and details might be subject to change without notice - thank you!


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