Booking Conditions and Terms of Business

A. How to book

To secure your booking please check availability with us then print off, complete and sign the booking form and send the original to West Highland Heavy Horses, (WHHH) with a money order or personal cheque made payable to "West Highland Heavy Horses". 20% of the total cost of your ride is non refundable. The price for the ride is based on shared occupancy. In many locations it will not be possible, even if requested, to have a single room as there is no availability. Please bear this in mind!!

Your booking is accepted by WHHH and becomes definite from the date when we confirm acceptance in writing or via email, let us know which you prefer. If for any reason WHHH does not accept the booking, your deposit will be returned. WHHH reserves the right not to accept a booking.

Any deposit sent is held by us and is subject to our cancellation policy as below. In signing the booking form you accept these terms.

It is assumed that all the riders are free to take photos of the group as we go. Anyone who does not want pictures of themselves to be used by other riders or on future promotional materials should notify WHHH immediately, this equally applies to our film documentary crew when they are with us.

B. Changes and/or Cancellations

WHHH will make every effort to assist our riders wishing to alter their arrangements. A fee will be charged to cover administration costs of £50 per person per change. Any change can only be performed if space on the required leg is available, otherwise the change will become a cancellation. All changes should be confirmed in writing, signed by the same person who signed the original booking form.

Cancellation by our riders. Any cancellation by our riders must be advised to WHHH in writing (signed by the same person who signed the original booking form) and sent immediately to us and will come into effect the day it is received by WHHH. Recorded delivery is recommended to eliminate doubt re day of delivery.

The following charges will be payable by the client, depending upon the number of days prior to departure date of 21st September when WHHH receives notice of cancellation:

•  Up to 50 days prior to start date of 21st September - 25% of total cost of holiday

•  Up to one month before (30 days)- 50% of total cost of holiday

•  From two weeks (14 days) before the ride leaving date of 21st September- 100%% of total cost of holiday

You can insure against this, but it is your reponsibility to take out a policy.

C. Amendments or cancellation by WHHH

If the rider does not pay the balance of the holiday due by one month before departure date, WHHH reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled, and to levy cancellation charges.

WHHH reserves the right to modify the exact route and duration of the day's riding. The descriptions of the route are the result of weeks of careful planning, liason between WHHH and various bodies as well as advice given in the most recent Ordnance Survey maps. However yourselves and WHHH must bear in mind that events may occur (fallen trees, new fences/styles etc) rendering routes impassable, requiring detours: equally pubs may be closed or attraction opening hours change. These are regrettably beyond our control, but we have checked all routes before use, and reserve the right to make changes accordingly. Every effort will be made to operate the ride as advertised, in the event of any material modification, or of any cancellation, WHHH will use its best endeavours to offer alternative arrangements of a comparable standard or to make a full and prompt refund of all monies paid by the client.

WHHH will not normally materially modify or cancel any part of this ride within four weeks of departure, except in circumstances beyond our control. We will then use our best endeavours to offer our rider an alternative of comparable standard, or make a full and prompt refund of all monies paid to it by the client. WHHH will then have no further liability to the client for costs or expenses, direct or calculated.

No credit or refund is possible for any unused element included in the ride price. No refunds or price reductions for partly or wholly unused accommodation facilities or services ordered by the client, or for meals not taken will be payable unless agreed upon via email or letter prior to booking and made clear on the form.

D. Responsibilities of WHHH

WHHH applies all reasonable checks to ensure that those involved in the preparation and provision of The Great Clydesdale Migration (TGCM) maintain the appropriate standards.

The descriptions, information and opinions given on the website by WHHH in respect of the hotels and other suppliers whose services are used are given in good faith, based on the latest information available at the time of booking. In the event of circumstances outside our control resulting in a limitation or withdrawal of facilities, we cannot be held responsible, and will do our utmost to arrange an alternative supplier, be it horse, accommodation etc.

The use by WHHH of accommodation in connection with TGCM is subject to their own conditions with which we have agreed in good faith on your behalf.

E. Our Rider's Responsibilities

You are responsible for filling out the booking form as accurately and as truthfully as possible and under no circumstances to exaggerate riding ability or fitness level. We reserve the right to weigh all riding guests (results are always confidential) and we will not take anyone without Personal Insurance.

The rider understands that anyone riding or coming near a horse can suffer bodily or other injuries. Horses are unpredictable by nature. When frightened by real or perceived danger or when under stress, they can jump forward or sideways, run, buck, bite, kick or rear without warning. Risk of injury is inherent in this activity. The rider agrees to assume the risk of injury or death caused by horseback riding, and any other consequential losses resulting from such an incident.

WHHH will not take anyone on this ride without an approved riding helmet at all times, and correct footwear.

WHHH will not take any rider under 18 years of age unless accompanied by a responsible adult, parent or guardian.

The rider is responsible for taking out all the necessary personal insurance including health and baggage insurance. Any passports, visas, health certificates, or other travel documentation required for the holiday must be obtained by the rider, whose responsibility it remains to ensure that these are in order. Any additional costs incurred (whether by the rider or by WHHH on the clients behalf) as a result of failure to comply with such requirements are, equally, the riders responsibility.

Flights or other transport arrangements forming part of the holiday are subject to the conditions on the ticket issued by (and on behalf of) the carrying airline / transport suppliers and therefore your responsibility.

F. Complaints

The contract and these conditions shall be governed in all respects by English law. Should the unlikely situation arise that you have a complaint about any aspect of WHHH's arrangements, the complaint should be reported immediately to us in order that we may be given the opportunity to correct the matter during your ride. We are unable to consider any complaints in respect of ride arrangements unless full details are received in writing within seven days of the ride's end. We would rather keep open communication between staff of WHHH and our clients on the ride itself to avoid any such situations.

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