Tim on Max Max

Max is currently (2006) about 17 years old, he stands 17.2 hh at the withers rides and drives both pair and single drays.

He is a very smart yet sensitive horse. I've owned him for ten years he taught me so much about driving; he lived with us on Raasay before we moved to Portree then to Armadale in summer 1999. Max is one of my original team (with Prince) and has been the backbone of the dray, he is fantastic to work with .

Before I bought him he had been used (probably mis-used) to haul wood out of forests. Incidentally its not a good idea to use a timber horse on a dray, 'cos to haul a log the horse learns to really throw its weight into the pull often with a jerk to get the log moving....you can imagine where the passengers would be if he still did that!!

He is a great riding horse as he is good for beginners and fun for experienced riders, ...thinks he's a sports horse disguised as a Clydesdale! Jumps, does several dressage moves - one of the best horses in the yard. Very affectionate - though slightly up-himself!!!!


Joined us with Jock in May 2002 from Wick, is 8 yrs old, a roan, stands about 17.2hh . Was taught to be ridden by us and is now one of the better riding horses for experienced riders as he is quite forward going ie likes going fast!! Has been taken in hand by Tim so has had much time spent on him, hence he's so responsive! Is great at long routes eg the Dalavil ride. Not really suitable for beginners unless has been working solidly as likes to be ahead! Has been very well behaved over the past year as his maturity shows through with many very favourable reports on his riding abilities, is a valuable team member for more experienced riders.


Has been with us since October 2001 and was also taught to be ridden by us. He is the "upper-class" Clydesdale ie comes from excellent bloodlines , his father is the famous "Colessie Cut Above" Stallion owned by Ronnie Black, a foremost figure in Clydesdale showing circles. Has "filled out" at the moment as he matures, now approaching 9yrs old. He stands 17.3hh is a bay with 4 white legs, and is a real favourite with myself so has had much time spent on him.He can ride really well but does a very good donkey impression when used for beginners....this can be frustrating as I've seen folk kicking and kicking him whilst he completely ignores them, when a mere squeeze is sufficient to make him dance when he's being ridden correctly!! He does have a very laid-back temperament so is an excellent horse for most abilities but a good rider will get a very different ride from him!

Laura on EmmaEmma

Joined us three years ago from Arisaig, she is a Clydesdale mare, is one of our largest Clydesdales at 17.3 and is very pretty and sweet natured (she has the bounciest trot in the universe!!!)

Her lovely flowing black mane and tail and looks make her a popular choice. She has a lovely canter and is actually quite fast for her size, has been jumping logs well too!! Has been fantastic with her first appearance at Blair International Horse Trials not a problem, and last summer leading the jumping!!

She has such a laid back temperament. Has been wintered away with Tom and Lenka, in good form, has matured and has filled out, is riding well and looking fantastic. Now in foal to Collessie Cut Above.

Photo of Laura flat out on the beach!!


Joined us in September 2004 with his dad, IM, who now resides in Fife. He stands about 17.1hh, is a very attractive Clydesdale with a pale flowing mane and tail and lovely proportions. Has undergone considerable training and is doing very well, worked for us part time last summer and has proved himself a solid gentle and reliable all round good horse . Would possibly make a good dray horse in the future. Wintered away in our home to be in the Lake District so has had a taste of things to come!! This summer will be 5 years old and due to his previous experience working plus this summer he will be a definate migration horse!


Joined us in the thick of summer in 2005, now in 2006 is a six year old, very cute, very wonderful honest young horse.

Suffers from the midges, gets sweetitch, so we have made efforts this summer to keep him clean of them.

Is a great ridden horse, a lovely red roan colour, bright and gorgeous, Therry's main man, jumps, does anything asked of him really, bold, solid, dependable, a true asset.

He also spent winter in the Lakes, where they so enjoyed him! Will be a definate on the migration.


"Stallion boy".........was once our "real man"!!! We made the decision to geld him on the dreaded Friday 11th August in order to make him a happier working horse...all stallions stress about their herds and he was always too thin and impossible to put weight on - and the additional management he required made him a hard horse to keep in our busy little yard.

We hope he'll now fill out and calm down, whilst retaining his lovely paces and lively gaits!

A half brother of Tommy, he is very well-bred off Colessie Cut Above.

Is a 6 year old roan bay standing 17.1hh, and would possibly make a good dressage horse with floating paces, we'll see!!

Will be a backup horse for the migration.

GertieSnowflake alias Gertie

Joined us in Autumn '05 along with Girlie, now 9 years old, again had been used as a broodmare, stands around 17.3hh, a good size for a mare.

Has taken some time to accept being shod as has scarring to one of her hind legs so it has taken a while to get her to let us shoe her. Is starting, now shod, to ride out regularly, so has joined the team as a useful working horse.

A pretty horse with a calm temperament, is quite bright! Has taken to her new life as a ridden horse well and is very popular in the yard.

Is hopefully in foal to our ex-stallion, Charlie.

Girlie“Girlie” or Snowdrop

Joined us from Jane Cormack's up in Wick in autumn 2005 is 9 years old, has been very responsive to her new role in life as a ridden horse. She is a trully stunning mare, tall (18hh plus) a lovely roan, a real asset to us.

Tim has spent a lot of time working with her, she responded well, and is now working with clients, mainly experienced, but starting to understand what her job is!

Is very tall to put a bridle on so dont argue just get the mounting block! A very pretty kind horse. Again her looks make her very popular with all our riders.

Is also hopefully in foal to Charlie.


Joined us from Tommy MacAleese in Ireland in Autumn '05, another Collessie horse, has a gorgeous white face.

Very precocious, nosey, into everything, pushy, and terribly cute!!! Typical interested 3year old really! Has been backed successfully, and turned away to mature, he'll be in the Lakes later this summer.

A pretty, complete bay colour, will show well and probably make 18hh. In this photo he's with Jack, a lovely young horse we unfortunately and very, very sadly lost to colic. My mum and dad are also in the frame!!

I call him “Pants” which I am reliably informed is terribly uncool, so will have to think of another yard name for him! Too young as yet for work, but will be starting next summer in Cumbria at Chappels.


Joined us from Ivan Smith in Ireland, a very sweet dark bay compact little horse, standing around 17.1hh, he is a fantastic riding horse (after some initial fireworks!!) and this photo of him and Tim on the beach was taken after his first swim!!! AAAAAH!

Is now coming into work well, taking more experienced clients initially, and we are very pleased with his progress.

May do part of the migration, will possibly be a back-up horse.

Due to his age and inexperience ie has only joined us this summer, we'll not be using him on the whole trip.

New Major

Joined us this summer, after huge amounts of love and care were lavished on him by the very kind lady who let us buy him, he is a really “sorted” young horse, a great riding horse and is proving a very popular young man!! We will be showing him next year when his feathers grow out!! A pretty bay roan, with a calm temperament and one gorgeous blue eye! A bright easy going soul, we are already very fond of him. Will be on the “migration”.


Joined us as a loan horse (THANKYOU Lexi and Trish!!) as a 15 year old; I thought, steady old man...NOT SO!!!!

He is fabulous, loves to be in front, and go fast!! Not quite the beginner horse, and we love him!!

We are awaiting better details on his background before showing him, he's a Clydesdale/Shire cross....is about 17hh.

The photo is after his first swim with us, Dana really enjoys him! A very smart, pretty black horse, easy to love! Having already been on one of our long rides he's a definate for our next one!


He is with us on a loan basis to learn the ropes as it were, he's a simply beautiful young 5 year old Shire gelding, a beautiful black/dark brown colour.

Stands around 18hh, is so good looking is a popular choice in the yard, although due to his inexperience we are currently training with him.

Is riding very well, his owners, as well as ourselves, are very pleased with his progress.

This photo always wow's me! Wellie might be joining us for some of this journey, but whether he does or not, I just had to put this photo in!!!


Prince is the most senior member of our team, and a founder member of the business. Joined us in 1998 and worked the dray with Max for years before his role became that of a ridden horse!! Is our only Shire. Stands almost 18hh, and is around 18 years old. A magnificent and beautiful horse, very much loved, and now owned by our good friends Carol and Richard who are moving to Cumbria with us!!!!

Rosie in CumbriaRosie

A pretty bay mare around 17hh, she joined us but not quite in autumn of 2005, we planned to bring her up to Skye but she settled into life and companionship with the horses in Cumbria so she's managed a rather leisurely time of it there..she rides very well and also drives so will be joining us properly either on the migration (as she's a backup horse) or on arrival!

Gypsy & Wallace

These two have come from Ian and Jill as much loved, friendly, pleasant riding horses. Late additions to our team, Gypsy is a 11 year old Shire/Clydesdale cross whilst Wallace is an 8 year old Shire, we are looking forward to working closely with them both!