Please read through the information below and then follow the link at the bottom of the page for details of each individual "leg" of the journey.

We would require the same ability as we currently require for our day rides - which is competent at all paces and an ability to jump small natural obstacles, although its doubtful there will be too much beyond the odd ditch or log!

You will need to be able to control your horse comfortably, under possibly difficult circumstances and have a riding fitness to enable you to cope with between six and eight hours on the route, occasionally longer. Equally there may be occasions where you need to dismount and lead your horse. A good knowledge of horse care is also required to enable you to assist in taking care of your horse, with our supervision, along the way.

We go to great lengths to match horses to riders, to enable both to have the best experience possible. Please be quite clear on the terms under which you book: if your riding is not up to the level required we cannot, for health and safety reasons, take you. We hope you will realise that we are being realistic and not unfair to anyone.

If you have any doubts about your fitness or ability please contact us for advice.

The often difficult terrain the horses cover daily in their work with us ensures that they are fit and healthy with a strength you would expect and stamina to match. All are big gentle giants, Clydesdales and Shires, ranging in ages from 5 to 18 years old and in size from 17 to 18.1hh, their stride is huge, we cover ground at quite a rate!! They are not all novice rides, some are more patient than others, some certainly have their moments! As the terrain we will be passing through will be new 100% of the time the horses will possibly be more on their toes, so please dont expect a ponytrek - as the migration won't involve either ponies or trekking!!

Many of our experienced clients are surprised by the quality of the horses, expecting a plod....and they very quickly learn differently. We hope you, as our clients, will enjoy riding our horses as much as we do! Elementary dressage moves are commonplace, and for such big horses, they are surprisingly light on their feet.

There will be no more than 12 horses at any time, and the group size will most likely be between eight and ten. Your well qualified and mature guides will be Annie or Tim, with accompanying local riders who will add to the occasion with their local knowledge of folklore, history and guidance along the way...

At the end of each day's ride you will first ensure that your horse is comfortable, fed and watered, then you will be taken to your hotel for the night. Your luggage will go ahead in the accommodation vehicle. The variety of accommodation will vary depending on what is available locally. Sometime the accommodation will be in top class hotels but at others we may have to be tolerant of slightly less luxurious surroundings. Whatever the accommodation, your bed, breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal are all included in the price and after a good nights sleep you will feel relaxed, ready to get up and continue the journey!!

As we are riding in September through to October it is likely that, although we will be midge free (PHEW!!), we will encounter some inhospitable weather conditions along the way. It could be sunny and hot, or it could snow!!!

We would therefore recommend the following as a minimum when packing:

We also ask that you keep luggage to a minimum, around 15kgs in total.

Any queries or questions please do ask us!!

Yes, despite the size of our Clydesdales we still do have to impose a weight limit of around 14 stone (196lbs, 89kg).

If you are tall and close to this weight please do contact us - we work on a sliding height to weight scale which, dependant on which "leg" you are wishing to ride onmay, may still enable you to join us.

A 3 day 'leg' is £780 and a 4 day leg is an even better deal at £950...!!

This price is all inclusive and covers:

Please note, although the ride is designed to be done in legs of 3-4 days, some of the legs will have spare places which will allow a few riders to join us for single days. If you would like information about this option please contact Annie Rose direct (tel: 01471 844759).

* When booking we ask that you let us know at which end of the ride you require the hotel, or if you simply wish to join us the morning of the start of the leg, and if you wish to stay the last night of the leg or leave for home on the final day. If you stay with us at the beginning and end of the leg we will charge one night additionally pro rata as per the Hotel rate.

This is your one!!

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to organise your travel to and from the rides, but we will endeavour to do all we can to help you.

Please discuss this with us, as soon as you have your dates confirmed, and we will ensure you have the relevant information to enable you to make your travel arrangements as smoothly as possible.

The Great Clydesdale Migration is being run in "legs" of 3 or 4 days, you can join for as long or as little as you wish, space providing. We have had considerable interest in this ride as it is a one-off experience, so please book as early as possible to ensure availability. The itinery for the ride is given below, please click on any leg for more information.

Leg 1 - Armadale to Tomdoun Leg 2 - Tomdoun to Kinlochleven Leg 3 - Kinlochleven to Crianlarich Leg 4 - Crianlarich to Drymen Leg 5 - Dryment to West Linton Leg 6 - West Linton to Ettrickbridge Leg 7 - Ettrickbridge to Gilsland Leg 8 - Gilsland to Howtown-on-Ullswater Leg 9 - Howton-on-Ullswater to Dunnerdale Home run - Dunnerdale to Chappels Farm LEG ONE: 21/9/06-24/9/06
Armadale to Tomdoun (4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Monday 25th September

LEG TWO: 26/9/06-29/9/06
Tomdoun to Kinlochleven
(4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Saturday 30th September

LEG THREE: 1/10/06-3/10/06
Kinlochleven to Crianlarich
(3 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Wednesday 4th October

LEG FOUR: 5/10/06-8/10/06
Crianlarich to Drymen
(4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Monday 9th October

LEG FIVE: 10/10/06-13/10/06
Drymen to West Linton
(4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Saturday 14th October

LEG SIX: 15/10/06-17/10/06
West Linton to Ettrickbridge (3 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Wednesday 18th October

LEG SEVEN: 19/10/06-22/10/06
Ettrickbridge to Gilsland
(4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Monday 23rd October

LEG EIGHT: 24/10/06-26/10/06
Gilsland to Howtown-on-Ullswater
(3 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY Friday 27th October

LEG NINE: 28/10/06-30/10/06
Howtown-on-Ullswater to Dunnerdale
(3 days)

LAST DAY: Tuesday 31st October!
Celebration at Chappels Farm