We will leave our current premises, at Armadale Farm, on 21st September and travel overland until 31st October when we arrive at Chappels Farm and celebrate with a glass (or two!!) of wine etc.

We are running the 'migration' in "legs" to enable customers to join us, as we recognise that not many people can manage a full 5 weeks off work, (if you can and wish to then yippee!!). These "legs" will break the journey down into bite-sized pieces, where you, our customers, can come and join us for 3 or 4 days, or more "legs" if you prefer, depending on which part of the journey you wish to ride on, the choice, until we start to book up, is yours!!

We wish to emphasise that this is not an endurance ride, it is a pleasure ride, we do not intend to break any "golden horseshoe" records so the pace and length of your day's ride will vary from day to day, hopefully you will enjoy it at the rate we've set it; we will be stopping en-route to gaze at the stunning scenery through which we are riding, visit places of historical interest, of beauty or other interest, making this a cultural, natural and historical experience as well as a fantastic ride on our beautiful horses. we will obviously have to set a pace on some of the longer days, and if the weather is poor we may all come to the decision to keep going rather than linger, this will be for the group to discuss on the day! We intend for everyone to experience all the paces of the horses, and faster work will obviously form part of the ride daily. As this ride will cover weeks rather than days we equally wish to monitor the condition of the horses carefully, to ensure they too are enjoying rather than enduring it!!!

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